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Roadmap on TV with Text

Here's Everything Included in the Pre-Licensing Module of the Roadmap:

11 High-Quality Videos

Most dealers find the content easier to digest with this video library.  

Foundation Worksheets

Are provided to bring enhanced clarity to complex subject matter.

Your 65-page Binder

Has the step-by-step instructions to avoid huge pitfalls and wasting time.

DMV Licensing Application

As a bonus exhibit, a complete set of forms acts as your licensing template.

How to Avoid Overpaying

For Your Used Car Dealer Insurance

Here’s a sneak peek of the content that’s neatly packaged in our dealer insurance e-book…

  • 5 quick tips to consider if you are purchasing dealer insurance.
  • Why every dealer needs Garagekeepers Coverage?
  • What is Scheduled Vehicle Coverage & why would I purchase it?
  • How is Medical Payments Coverage useful if I have medical insurance?
  • Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage.
  • What to Expect in an Insurance Inspection.
  • And much more!

Revealed Insider Secrets​

From a Used Car Dealer Bond Specialist

Here’s a quick look at the content in our surety bond e-book…

  • Can a wholesale dealer sell to the public?
  • A simple California DMV dealer license checklist.
  • Specific and generic terms for a surety bond.
  • 3 quick ways to understand a Car Dealer Bond?
  • Costs of a Surety Bond in 2020.
  • Top 3 Ways to reduce the cost of your surety bond.
  • 5 reasons to never post the $50,000 guarantee yourself.
  • Common surety bond misconceptions.
  • And much more!

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